Hedgehogs (Cycle of stages), 2005, oil on canvas, 70x100cm

Jan Karpíšek


Born 1981 in Jihlava, grown up in Southbohemien in Třeboň, now living in Brno. 1999-2005 studied Faculty of Arts VUT in Brno, studio led by Prof. Martin Mainer, where he worked as a technical assistant as well. He spent a half year in art-studio of performance by Tomáš Ruller. The absorption in topics like effluxion, erotic and above all spirituality is for his work specific. He was deeply concerned with meditation and a number of his paintings are just a record of perception of the body system and soul. However his paintings show no formal unity. His style reminds once of naivism or grotesque, another time it is similar to a gestic abstraction. Karpíšek is concerned with action painting and conceptual performance painting as well. The topic of his bachelor- and master- work was time. He won the price of dean 2003 for his mighty bachelor-work, for his large-format paintings of Hartungov character. 2004 he was awarded by the second place in the student's confrontation Artkontakt. His works were bought in the same year by National Gallery in Prague and presented in summer 2005 on international biennale of contemporary art in Prague. Since 2001 attended three tens of exhibition projects. He is a member of the group Punkwa, but he intends to leave the group.
Author thanks for Your eventual commentary in electronic visitors' book on www.jankarpisek.cz/komentare.php.

Island, 2004, oil on canvas, 40x60cm


Áňa, 2000, oil on canvas, 70x50cm